Benoît Marguet, Benoît Lahaye, Vincent Laval, and David Leclapart Collaboration: 2007 Sapience


The wine is made in the cellar of Benoît  Marguet, who is one of the most passionate biodynamic winemakers we’ve encountered. The base wine spends two years aging in Bordeaux barrels before the second fermentation in bottle. After that, it will be on its yeast precipitation for about five years. No or very low dose (between zero and 3 g / l). This is the second vintage of this champagne.


Sapience, which, incidentally, means wisdom in Latin, is launched as the first biodynamic prestige campaign. It is based on cooperation between himself and Hervé Jestin (former source master of Duval-Leroy for many years now with the corresponding service at Leclerc-Briant) and, in particular, some of Champagne’s premier biodynamic growers who contribute the grapes. The Champagne is made from Chardonnay from David Léclapart, Pinot Noir from Benoît Lahaye and Pinot Meunier from Vincent Laval (Georges Laval)!

This is an exceptional bottle of Champagne, and one that warrants a special occasion. The nose is very rich with brown butter, green, fresh-cut grass, aloe, and fresh cream. The wine’s earthiness made us think of Meunier, but in fact the wine has more Chardonnay in the blend. Dosed at 3 grams, the wine is absolutely perfectly balanced and seamless with great, toasty richness and lingering acidity and minerality on the midpalate and finish. A stunning bottle too.

Additional information

Grape Detail

50% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier

Ageing Type


Blend Type

Multi Varietal/Single Vintage

Farming Type

Certified Biodynamic



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