Champagne Godmé Père & Fils, NV


This is a classic Pinots base Champagne, with intense white fruits on the nose, chalky and steely. The palate is rich with stone fruit and limestone angles. The acidity is bright and zingy with great minerality, finishes with subtle yeasty overtones. Owner and winemaker Hugues Godmé is a perfectionist: the vineyards are certified organic, the base wines are fermented and aged in old French oak, this is an outstanding Cuvée.

― Dominique Landragin, Cork & Fork


Food Pairing:Champagne is a perfect escort to take to the table. It behaves well with all foods including raw oysters. When in doubt pour Champagne!

― Anna Landragin, Cork & Fork

Winery:After Emile, Joseph and Bertrand, Hugues brought 40 years of technical knowledge necessary to the conduct of our vineyard and to the development of our wines. Since 2006, its commitment in viticulture Biological and Biodynamic opens a new reflection on the respect of the natural balances of the soil, the environmental impact and the well-being of men. This philosophy and the vineyard dimension of our company with the 40 parcels of vines spread over 4 villages of the Verzenay, Verzy, Villers-Marmery and Villedommange mountains allow us to develop Champagnes expressing all the subtlety and strength of the terroirs they come from. The Champagne Hugues Godmé is part of the desire for a signature, the fruit of history, a passion and the Champagne tradition.

― From the Winery


Additional information

Ageing Type



Verzenay, Champagne

Farming Type

Certified Biodynamic

Grape Detail

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Blend Type



Hugues Godmé


“Hugues Godmé tends 40 plots of vines totaling 7.6 hectares in Verzenay and Verzy (grand cru), and Villers Marmery and Villedommange (premier cru). Uses only native yeasts, no fining or filtration, fermentation in old wood and extended ageing on lees, parcel selections, low sulfur, and low dosage levels. With all the extra care and attention that comes with being organic and biodynamic, the resultant wines are extremely well-defined examples that express a unique sense of place. Each wine is intense in flavor, but they’re best described as being tightly coiled rather than austere, and will age very well. The non-vintage wines also have a remarkable depth and complexity owing to the unusually high percentage of reserve wines in the blend, often between 40-70%, including up to six vintages in the final wine.”
― From the Winery

Type of Wine

White, Sparkling, Dry

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